Are air conditioning units the same as air heating units?

We all spend lot of time in our homes with our families, and therefore it’s important to ensure that air flow in your home runs smoothly. During the winter you need it to be warm enough so that your home is habitable. During the summer you want your home to be a safe haven against the heat that is outside. The question people ask themselves when they are buying equipment to make air flow in their home more conducive is: is there a difference between the air conditioning units and the air heating units? The truth is that both use the same technology to work but do completely different tasks in the home. So what are the differences?

Air conditioning units

Air conditioning systems are also referred to as closed loop systems. This is because they circulate a refrigerant to cool the air the take from the rooms they are placed in. The refrigerant thus travels through a valve where it is subjected to a great deal of pressure and heat. From the valve, the refrigerant is taken to a compressor that bleeds off the heat in the refrigerant and on to the air. When the heat has been removed, the refrigerant goes back to liquid state although it is still under a lot of pressure. It is then moved into an expansion valve and is taken into a series of evaporation coils. As it evaporates, heat from the surrounding is pulled for cooling. After cooling, the heat is blown using a fan or through sy8stem ducts that are used to di0stribute the air throughout the home.


  • It is cheaper to- purchase
  • Has few problems and thus less maintenance is required
  • It does not require the use of an auxiliary heat for frigid temperatures when a furnace is used.


  • It only cools the home and thus requires the use of an additional equipment for heating

Air heating units

Air heating units also known as heat pumps, on the other hand, use the same basic mechanism but with two key differences. The first difference is that the closed loop of the heat pumps is set such that instead of blowing the warm air outside, it is blown into the home. This functionality allows it to perform perfectly as a heater during the winter and as an air conditioner during summer. The other main difference is that they work as mini split systems, which means that the units have to be placed in the homes because they do not spread the air into the home using ducts. They are also considered more effective than air conditioning systems


  • It can work great in heating the air in a home during the winter and the cycle can be reversed so it cools the home during the summer
  • Lowers the costs of heating and cooling homes
  • It is environmentally friendly
  • Saves space as it can be used as a furnace


  • They are costly to install because normal homes will need one in every room
  • They also struggle to heat rooms when it gets excessively cold.

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