hand bouquet

Make Your Own Hand-Tied Wedding Bouquet

Hand bouquet is considered to be one of the most important parts of your wedding event. Making hand bouquet for many people is quite laborious and quite expensive too. Thus an alternate method instead of having live flowers is to use silk flower bouquet, which can be affordable for you.

hand bouquet

Bride wedding bouquet is always being the most important visible detail that should come with the most beautiful feature. It’s every bride’s dream, holding the hand-tied wedding bouquet that wonderfully fits the bride’s dress and other ornaments in the reception. It’s like a personal illustration of her taste, style and passion. Hence some women choose to make it on their own.

Once the brides are done with all the big details for their wedding reception, they can put more attention to the small and the essential details including the bouquet. Just before they decide of how it should be looked like, finding the right flowers should be managed first. Different season means different flowers because some flowers only bloom in certain season. Indeed, that is good news for them since they can create original bouquet that has never been created before. It gives them more possibility in furnishing the most personal feature on their bouquets. During this activity, the brides are highly advised to choose fairly long stems flowers such as irises, carnations, freesias, orchids and lisianthus.

Several technical steps to make the bouquet:

  • Cut the stems of the flowers. It always comes as the first thing to do. It intends to eliminate the bad parts of the stems.
  • Lay the flowers on the table. It helps you to see clearly the size and length of each flower before you start to arrange them as a bouquet. Arrange the flowers. It always starts with the largest one to form the centre.
  • It’s better if you hold the stem between the first finger and the thumb on the left hand while you pick the flowers with your right hand. Secure the stems.
  • Add few ties more just in the place you did it earlier and add more flowers.
  • Take a look at your bouquet and make sure that is has a rounded and gentle shape. Repeat the stems crisscrossing and add more stems until you have the size you desire.
  • Cut the stems again until the flowers have the same length around eight to nine inches. Spray the bouquet with few water after you have its final feature.
  • Add some nice tie with elegant color. It creates the perfect final touch for your bouquet.

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Your wedding reception is just days left? You should not worry because making the bouquet by yourself will be all finished within two days.If in case you want to go with a large grouping of flowers then you will want to create a list of how the flowers are to be arranged in the hand bouquet. This will ensure the continuity between the bouquets. For more ideas regarding hand bouquet you can take the help of the internet. After all you do not want them falling to pieces in the wedding.