The Best Modern Kitchen Designs

Till around a decade back, family members had no issues keeping the kitchen in a secluded corner of the house. But things have changed entirely and in modern-day homes, kitchen occupies the center stage right from the day 1 of the construction. Currently, the situation is that everything revolves around it and its position defines that position and plan of the entire house.


In previous days, it was not considered an important place in the home, but these days, it has become the meeting place for the entire family in the evening or during the dinner. Thanks to the busy schedule of every family member that they don’t have time to meet all day. Thus, when they meet at the dinner table, it becomes a kind of merry times where they don’t just eat food, but also share their daily experiences and plans for the next morning. This is the why interior designers and architects pay a huge attention towards modern kitchen designs. The homeowners too, give them a free hand to be as creative as possible without bothering about the cost of a new kitchen. While working upon the design, they take three aspects of modern kitchen designs into consideration.

  • Size of the kitchen
  • Size of the cabinets
  • Height of the cabinets

The must have accessories?

The proprietor of the kitchen or the Goddess of cooking would surely have a special interest towards cooking newer items every time and serve them to her family members. For this, she would buy new gadgets to help her cook faster and tastier. But rather than stuffing useless or less used things, she should accommodate useful and frequently used items. Utensil rack, vegetable rack, glass Splashbacks in Melbourne, mixer grinder, well-furnished cabinets, microwave oven, refrigerator, tap water-basin and water filter are some of the most important and frequently used equipment.

Paying attention towards the height and depth of the cabinets

The height and depth of the cabinets play a very major role in bringing convenience to the users. Thus, architects generally consider the easiest height before fixing the cabinets. As far as the standard is concerned, the standard height for upper cabinets is 54 inches, with the depth of 12 inches. For lower cabinets, the general height is 30 inches. The size of the kitchen also has to be considered which would basically depend upon the size of the family. The bigger the family is the bigger should be the size.

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Here are some very common tips for creative modern kitchen designs

1. Think future

Thinking about the functioning of the kitchen while designing is always going to pay rewards in the future. Think about the shape, although the fact is that there is no shape as suggested by the experts. Still “L” and “U” shaped are the most preferred. The idea should be the easy access and easy movement of the person.

2. Lighting is important

Thinking that lights like those in your bedroom are suitable for kitchen as well is not a good thought. The fitting should be so done that the workstation receives the most of the light. In all, keeping the design as simple as possible is the key to make your kitchen as stylish as possible

Hope you will end up designing a great kitchen for you new homes. Share your ideas with us if you have any, cheers!